Spoiler alert

Not in this post, don’t worry.

Last week I started to watch „Broadchurch“ after having heard much about it. (I’ll be resuming my series of „British Drama“ on the blog soon, I’ve got a few additions by now.) I watched the first episode and was almost shocked when I heard David Tennant speak for the first time. I’m not a „Doctor Who“ fan and the fourth Harry Potter film which he stars in I’ve watched in German so I was assuming he was English which he very obviously is not. I’d never heard a (Scottish) accent like his, it’s really hard for me to understand a word of what he is saying.

So I checked Wikipedia to make sure Tennant really is Scottish and not something else (he is) and then I skimmed through the Wikipedia article concerning „Broadchurch“, reading up a bit on the other actors and the show itself. 2 minutes later I wished I hadn’t. The article on „Broadchurch“ is the first one I’ve come across that gives away who the murderer is. No point in continuing to watch a crime drama when you already know who did it, or is there?

Well, in this case there is. At first I was quite disappointed and felt like someone had stolen something from me – the „joy“ of guessing who might’ve been capable of murdering the eleven-year old Danny in that calm village of Broadchurch was gone. But really, the show is so very brilliant that it doesn’t matter much that I now know who did it. I’m now four episodes in and the show still is very intriguing. Everyone there seems to have some sort of secret or at least behaves very misteriously. Danny’s mother, Danny’s father, Danny’s sister and her boyfriend, DS Ellie Miller’s son who went to school with Danny, the man who runs the local news agent, a woman living in a caravan at the coast, even the vicar. Not to mention that DI Alec Hardy is a very special character himself. And finding out more about these people is just as interesting as seeing the case evolve and (hopefully) get solved.

So: Big recommendation at this point to watch „Broadchurch“ if you haven’t seen it yet. Big disappointment over whoever wrote the Wikipedia article on it that they explicitly stated who the murderer is.

(And of course there’s a second series and I won’t be making the same mistake twice, that’s for sure.)